Sometimes websites age gracefully. Sometimes they drop stone-cold dead while holding a sausage roll and a small sherry at a friend's drinks party. I think you can probably see which way this is going....

I've taken the unpleasant but very necessary decision to shutter this old site for now and focus on developing a brand new site for launch later in 2016. So, for now I'm afraid that this exciting place-holder message is all you get.

I realise now, with the benefit of hindsight, that it wasn't actually a particularly exciting message.


Perhaps you should read one of my HIVE or Earthfall books instead. Available from all reputable and some highly disreputable booksellers. I promise that they're significantly more exciting. The books that is, not the disreputable booksellers. Although, now I come to think about it...

A big thank you to all of the visitors to the site over the past few years and the last few stalwart denizens of the forums! May our twisted internet paths cross again in the future!

You can still follow me on Twitter @Mark_Walden or mail me at hivemind101@gmail.com if you need to get in touch.

See you later in the year I hope!


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